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Unemployment in Spain increase by 9.3 per cent, 3.5million now Jobless

Unemployment in Spain increase by 9.3 per cent, 3.5million now Jobless 


Amidst of the scary effect of the ranging pandemic, Spain has continued to record high of number of those displace from work as a result of the ravaging effect of COVID-19. According to government figures, the number of people out of work in March jumped by 302,365, the biggest monthly increase ever recorded in the country.

The 9.3 per cent rise means more than 3.5 million people are now registered as unemployed in Spain.

Amid the latest rising figures, Spanish social security minister Jose Luis Escriva has warned that the country’s 2020 budget deficit will widen “significantly but temporarily” as a result of the measures taken to halt the spread of coronavirus.

Speaking at the same press conference on Thursday, labour minister Yolanda Diaz said 2.3 million people are currently receiving unemployment benefits, costing the state around 1.22 billion euros a month.

“This is an absolutely unprecedented situation,” Ms Diaz added.

The data showed 898,822 Spaniards have now lost their jobs since the start of the lockdown.

Many companies, including car plants and other major businesses, have implemented temporary layoff measures over the past weeks.


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