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Portable and promoter kogbagidi trades word on SM

Portable and promoter kogbagidi trades word on SM 

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Rave singer, Portable and his former promoter, Kogbagidi, have taken to social media to throw subtle shade at each other after a public fallout.

Kogbagidi took to his Instagram page to share a post that most followers believed was directed at Portable.

He wrote: “ Don’t wrestle with a pig in the mud, you will both get dirty but the pig likes it. If you are born in the mud you are gonna be dirty and people don’t understand that. Not only do we live among stars, not only do we make stars, stars live within us.”

Two hours after Kogbagidi’s post, Portable shared a subtle response: “Thank God say man no be God. Level don change, portable Omolalomi I’m a big man.”

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