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Chrisland School Supervisor sentenced to 60-years jail term for defiling pupils

Chrisland School Supervisor sentenced to 60-years jail term for defiling pupils 


The lingering court case of One Mr Adeboyega Adenekan, a Supervisor at Chrisland School Lagos, has finally been put to rest, but not with the offender go unpunished. The Lagos Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court, sitting in the Ikeja area, has found him guilty of all allegation raised against him and has been sentenced to 60 years in prison for defiling two-year-old and 11-month-old pupils of a school in the same school.

Apparently, the jail term is not lesser than lifetime imprisonment, considering his present age 46 years. Justice Sybil Nwaka convicted Adenekan on a one-count charge of defilement of a child sometime in November 2016, at Chrisland School, Victoria Garden City (VGC), Lagos.

The convict was accused of having unlawful sexual intercourse with the 2-year-old pupil.

Justice Nwaka held that the prosecution has proven its case of defilement against the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt, contrary to Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011.

The judge said, “The basic elements to consider in this case are that the accused had sex with the child; that there was penetration; that the evidence of the child must be corroborated.

“The victim, in her evidence before the court, she said that Mr. Adenekan put his mouth and his hand in her wee-wee (vagina). She also said that the supervisor put his mouth in the vagina of her best friend, Jenita.

“The little girl said that Adenekan covered her mouth when she attempted to shout. And that he (the defendant) defiled her twice inside the school premise; at his office and in the hallway”.

According to the judge, the evidence of the child that the defendant defiled her twice was evidently corroborated by the medical report from Mirabel Center.

“I have no doubt in mind that this defendant, Adenekan is the same person the victim said put his hand in her vagina, and therefore, the defendant is hereby convicted accordingly.

“The defendant is hereby sentenced to 60 years imprisonment,” Nwaka ruled.

Meanwhile, the prosecution team, led by B.T Boye, had called seven witnesses and closed its case on March 14, while the defence team had called five witnesses.


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