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Buhari is afraid to engage Atiku in debate, says PDP

Buhari is afraid to engage Atiku in debate, says PDP 


In a statement yesterday by its spokesman, Kola Ologbondiyan, the PDP said the President has been afraid of engaging Atiku in debates organised by independent bodies.
The PDP said: “Nigerians are aware that President Buhari has been mortally afraid of facing our candidate, Atiku Abubakar, in a general debate organised by independent bodies.
“For this, the PDP grants him the liberty to choose a venue, date and time convenient for him to face our candidate before a neutral panel.
“President Buhari must face Atiku Abubakar in person, as Nigerians are not ready to accept any representation, whosoever, from him.
“If, as a Commander-In-Chief, Mr. President cannot face a political debate, how then can he vigorously engage international competitors?”
Stating that the country has been under peril in the last three and half years, the main opposition party charged President Buhari to be ready to avail Nigerians of his sectoral performance scorecards.
Describing the administration as a failure, the party similarly asked the President to present his future blueprint, if any, to enable the electorate weigh him alongside the PDP candidate.
“Nigerians await President Buhari to answer for the humongous corruption in his administration; why he has failed to fulfill any of his 2015 campaign promises and why he cannot show any key development project he initiated and completed in his three and half years in office.
The PDP also accused President Buhari of neglecting Nigerian troops fighting the Boko Haram insurgents in the Northeast, saying the President has reneged on his promise to “lead the fight from the front”.
In a statement in Abuja, Nabena said it was already public knowledge that the recent meeting between Atiku and key PDP stakeholders was to raise campaign funds from foreign financiers for his campaign with a promise to sell Nigeria’s key national assets when he becomes President.
Asking anti-corruption agencies in the country to investigate the allegations, he said it is already common public knowledge that PDP governors have refused to contribute money to fund the presidential campaign.
The statement reads: “From silly conspiracies on the shape of the President’s ear, a ludicrous allegation of a presidential body double named Jubrin from Sudan, tales on the #NextLevelNigeria campaign and the rested certificate issue, Nigerians have been entertained by the comical displays of the PDP.
“Backed by their discredited cyber-thugs, the PDP in its desperate bid to remain in public reckoning continues to expose itself as a joke before Nigerians.
“The PDP should know by now that elections are not won through falsehood on the internet, but by valid votes of the electorate who are aware of who ruined the country and who is clearing the rot.
“It is now clear that we have no credible opposition political party, but a gang of selfish and mercantile politicians that will do anything to return to elective office.”

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