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We will make money for Nigerian from Edo -Tinubu

We will make money for Nigerian from Edo -Tinubu 

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All Progressives Congress Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has assured the people of Edo State that he will make money for Nigeria and create prosperity for the people of the state by ensuring the development of the gas deposits in the state.

Tinubu speaking on Sunday at the town hall meeting in Benin to APC stakeholders and different trade groups and civil society organisations said under his leadership Nigeria will pipe gas to Europe and compete with Russia.

He urged the people of Edo State to take back their state from People’s Democratic Party by forging unity of purpose.

He promised to be a listening president the people of Edo State can rely on.

“Edo, take your state back. First of all let us forge unity. Let’s find the way where they say there is no way.

“We must rescue Edo State. I am ready to work with you. Take lantern, go from house to house. Don’t get angry. Anger does not solve problems. Disappointment is an energiser for me. You disappoint me, I work harder. You betray me, I don’t get angry, I ignore you.

“The reason is because you are not my God and you are not my creator. My mother taught me if you are sad, I will share your sorrow with you, if you are happy, I will rejoice with you. If you are poor, I will share the little I have with you”.

The APC Presidential candidate charged the Edo State people not to vote for PDP and Atiku Abubakar because the opposition party is not organised and can’t solve problems of the country.

“You see PDP. They are scattered, they don’t know the road. Atiku does not know how to lie again except falsifying lie upon lie. Atiku cannot hold serious job for Nigeria. When they were privatising Aluminium Smelter Company at Ikot Abasi and privatising NITEL, I was negotiating Free Trade Zone in China. I negotiated Lekki Deep Seaport in Singapore and it is Deepest Sea Port now in West Africa. Edo people are extremely smart. You can do the job.

“Count on me at the federal level. I will be your listening, President. Vote for me. Prosperity is here. When you put down ballot paper in the box say it is for creating job. I will create jobs for you because you are not lazy.”

On constant criticism of the Buhari-led APC administration by PDP, Asiwaju Tinubu said the opposition party should be ignored.

“People who can’t give power to Nigeria say they want to come back. In only 8 years, APC put rail back. We are putting Refineries back and we will produce for you. They can abuse Buhari from morning till night, he does not hear their abuse. Abuse him, rail he provided, second Niger Bridge he provided, Lagos-Ibadan expressway he provided. Benin-Ore Port will be done so that you don’t need to come to Lagos to clear your goods.

“Nigeria will make money because Edo has largest deposit of gas. We will make money for Nigeria. There will be long term money for long term projects. We will develop our gas and ship it to Europe and compete with Russia. I am one of the smartest assets of Nigeria.”

Speaking further from his prepared speech at the town hall meeting, the former Lagos State Governor said his administration will grow the nation’s industrial base to provide decent jobs and improve the wages of Nigerians.

“We must now begin to make use of all our nation’s endowments. Greater industrialization is a vital aspect of this. Through the production of more and better goods we shall improve our standard of living, provide workers with a living wage and establish businesses that will drive our national economy for generations.”



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