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Read Epic Reply Bashir Ahmad gave over-zealous Obedient

Read Epic Reply Bashir Ahmad gave over-zealous Obedient 


Former Presidential aide, Bashir Ahmad had an exchange with a man on X this evening.

 It started when the man claimed that the 2023 Presidential candiate of the Labour party, Peter Obi would have been dealt with kidnapping a lot better if he were to be the President of Nigeria.

 The man tweeted ‘’Imagine if HE Peter Obi is president and you kidnap a whole family and run to the forest …. That will mean the end of existence of that forest.

 After rescue, It will be turned to National Park and amusement center in a matter of days!

 That’s what serious Presidents do.” Responding, Bashir wrote;

‘’Did you know that during Peter Obi’s tenure as governor of Anambra, the state’s former deputy governor, Dr. Chudi Nwike, was kidnapped, taken to a forest, and killed, even after the victim’s family paid a ransom? The only reason I won’t ever pray for Peter Obi’s presidency is because it is taboo to wish bad things upon your own country.”

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