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Magu: Over $300million Nigeria Money hangs in UK through Money laundering activities

Magu: Over $300million Nigeria Money hangs in UK through Money laundering activities 


In a chit chat discussion with men of the press and social media influencers yesterday, the chairman of the economic and Financial crime commission Ibrahim Magu said over $300million looted funds is still hanging outside the country as we speak, Magu wondered why it was difficult for the countries concerned to repatriate the looted funds.
He said: “More than 80 per cent of the loot recovery outside this country is still hanging. Ask them why is it hanging? Why is it so difficult to repatriate this money, when you have established that this only came from Nigeria and you know that this person does not own this money? There is no justification. It’s not small money.
Responding on the Halliburton issue, the anti-graft czar, said “We are only looking at the way the money was expended, the manner in which it was shared, and used. There was money that was received from Halliburton. There was settlement. So now, our problem is how that money given to Nigeria was shared. We are very much on it. We will see to the end of it”.
He, thereafter, urged the general public to collaborate with the Commission in the corruption fight, stating that the whistle-blower policy was still very much on.
“This whistle blowing policy is working. This boy that blew the Ikoyi whistle has become a millionaire and he is not calling me again,” he added.

Consigning the court order to produce Diezani Alison Madueke, the former minister of petroleum Resources, the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, also said that the Commission needs less than 72 hours given by the court, in producing a former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison Madueke, to face her corruption charges, stating that the only problem the Commission has is that she is being held “in another man’s country”.
Expressing optimism with complying with the court order, Magu said: “We will comply with the court order. In fact, it is in our character to do so. If we won’t comply with the court order, that means we have reasons to appeal against the court decision. We need less than 72hours to produce Diezani. But she is being prosecuted by other law enforcement agencies outside this country. This is our predicament.”
Talking about the challenge in getting her, he said, “Another law enforcement agency is in the matter. You know she is in the United Kingdom. And we are making preparations to get her. We have already gone to the court, in fact, that was our request for extradition that compelled the court to issue a warrant of arrest against her. I need just less than an hour. If she is here, I will get her immediately and take her before the court. Our problem is that she is another man’s country”.
Responding on the issue of not finding anything against the former minister, Magu said, “Nobody can say she has not committed anything. All the neighboring countries in Europe and America and all the law enforcement agencies in the world have knowledge of Diezani’s money laundering activities”.

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