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Daddy Freeze Slam GO’s Over Christmas celebration

Daddy Freeze Slam GO’s Over Christmas celebration 


Celebrated entertainer Daddy Freez has stair the honeys nest again by saying, Mixing christ with the idolatry and harlotry of Christmas is even worse than the nudity

‘Birthday celebrations are PAGAN! Christ never celebrated a single birthday in his 33year existence on earth, neither did the disciples, nor were we instructed to by any scripture or Christian doctrine.

The only birthday mentioned in the New Testament was Herod’s pagan birthday party, where John the Baptist was beheaded during the celebration and his head served on a tray, this made Christ really sad.

You guys must be deranged to think that you can honor Christ with a pagan celebration that reminds him of the murder of his own cousin.

Your GOs and the cattle whose stupidity is of lofty proportions are hell bound, fix that first before complaining about this picture.

God told The prophet Hosea to marry a prostitute in Hosea 1:2 to illustrate the idolatry in Israel, I’m using this picture to show the harlotry of Christmas!

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