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Couple Imprisoned For Beating up A Baby 


The couple who left his five-week-old daughter with a few injuries so severe she could not live past early adulthood in prison.

The father, Rocky Uzzell and mother Katherine Prigmore, inflicted serious injuries on Isabelle to the extent that it can never regain vision, will be wheelchair-bound and will have to insert tubes for the rest of your life, reported the Metro in the UK.

Northampton Crown Court sentenced a couple to six years and 28 months in prison respectively, for causing serious injury to the investigator described as “probably the worst crime,” he elaborated in his career.

The court heard the baby was admitted to Kettering General Hospital in March 2014 with the medics revealed swelling of the brain and injuries following squeezing.

It was also found that the baby has multiple fractures and a break in the hand, the court heard.

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