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Amazing Story Of A Cripple Man Now CEO

Amazing Story Of A Cripple Man Now CEO 


What excuse does one have to not fulfilling his or her dreams in life, that was the touching questions many keep asking, one that has inspired many to re-evaluate the quality of their life’s. Where many uses such inability as an excuse to be totally dependent on others for survival or live a less meaningful life, he has redesigned his pattern of life by doing something meaningful and creative. He said,”I may not have legs like you, but my products would fit you perfectly #BigDreams….”

This young Man haled from Benue State, he became crippled at age 7 as a result of a quack doctor who injected him at the wrong side and got him crippled.He has refused to turn to a street beggar but has rather work hard to earn a meaningful life, instead people are asking him for loans now……..Believe in your dream,never give up.
Presently, he is the CEO of Big dream Fashion and styles.

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