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Zenith Bank Wax Stronger in Corporate Social Responsibility

Zenith Bank Wax Stronger in Corporate Social Responsibility 


CSR has been defined by different scholars, business expert, writers and many other people in various ways. As brilliant as their opinion may sound, saying a things a million time is not as good as living it once.
The idea of Corporate Social Responsibility must have been born from the need to impact directly on the general populace, organizational affiliation regardless, but one might not have to look too hard through many Nigerian organizations to see that what they have is a mirage – it can’t be felt, it can’t be held and when you attempt to look closer it’s nothing!
There is another organization with a social responsibility to assist young persons who have ideas on maritime/coastal cleanliness; now this sounds very caring and one might be tempted to applaud the idea of taking care of the environment but a closer look will reveal that actually nothing will be done because young persons will never meet the first requirements in that sector.
Now just as there are organizations that are seemingly insincere with their intentions there are a few that live up to the word “responsibility”, top on that list is Zenith bank, in approach, action and attitude.
The impact of Zenith Principal cup in the south-south region can only be over-emphasis, then the idea of supporting women basketball up to being the league sponsor is undoubtedly a most noble one and the sincerity is highly commendable. It commands huge respect when a company decides to be socially responsible in such a great manner as financial implication is just as heavy as the word.
With this development, it is very clear what Zenith bank is up to; assisting strongly in Nigeria’s quest for national integration, aiding social development and ensuring that Nigerian women can keep flying and aiming higher in the game of basketball.
From picking a kind of responsibility that runs week in-week out, to a non-hypocritical approach and then sustaining the tempo, it is safe to say that the bank has the most enviable package in social responsibility as regards sports and social/mental development.
In all these, one can take a quick guess per the financial implication of such social responsibility and try to find any other bank that does this. This particular bank definitely has everybody in mind and understands the real definition of social contribution which others should emulate.
It’s really impressive what Zenith is doing with going as far as recognizing and training basketball handlers so that the game can have better professionals and increased international presence.

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