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Saraki attacks Buhari’s Government, alleges massive Corrupt

Saraki attacks Buhari’s Government, alleges massive Corrupt 


Senate President Bukola Saraki has alleged that there is massive fraud within the oil sector. In an interview with Channels Television’s Seun Okinbaloye, the lawmaker said applying subsidy on assumption that Nigeria consumes fifty million litres (50million litres) of fuel a day, is fraudulent.
He further said, during Jonathan administration, subsidy was based on an assumption that the nation consumes 30million litres of fuel daily. Yet, he and some other lawmakers warned that the Jonathan government of condoning corruption “by over importing fuel, which resulted into wasting of pubic funds.

The Senate President said the present government instead of changing the process, jerked up the importation by 20 million litres extra. Saraki said there is no way Nigerians can consume 50million litres a day, “it is just money being stolen,” he alleged.

The director general of the Atiku/PDP presidential campaign said the lawmakers have called for the inclusion of subsidy in the budget but that request has lingered for two years and President Buhari has only just agreed to bring it in.

He said, “This kind of decisions have led to leakages and this is the root of corruption”.

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