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Rig Ekiti Election, forget 2019 Election Threatens PDP

Rig Ekiti Election, forget 2019 Election Threatens PDP 


Prince Uche Secondus the National Party chairman of the People’s Democratic Party has sent a strong statement to the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, and INEC that there will be no general election in 2019 if July 14gubernatorial election in Ekiti State is rigged.
Prince Secondus said while inaugurating a high powered Ekiti State Gubernatorial Campaign Council at the party National Headquarters in Abuja on Monday that the performance of PDP in Ekiti State makes the contest a smooth run.
He said that the party is aware that despite the negligible presence of APC in Ekiti, the party is determined to connive with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to manipulate and thwart the will of the people.
In the address titled “Nigeria democracy ambushed, dark days are here with us” Secondus said: “The calibre of names drawn up as members of this council shows in unmistaken terms the importance the party attaches to this exercise”.
“Ekiti State means so much to our party because of the strategic position it occupies in that geopolitical region and the fact that it’s a test run election ahead of Osun State governorship election in September and the general elections in less than one year from now.”
He said that APC is planning in their own words to capture Ekiti at all cost but noted that “Part of the costs has started manifesting with the shooting carried out at their own rally on Thursday last week which happened to be a continuation of the violence they launched on themselves and the state since their primaries last month.”
Prince Secondus said that the attitude of APC now is that of “a drowning man desperate to survive and whose posture is if I cannot make it let me go down with others.”
The PDP boss called on the international community and all lovers of democracy to show more than passing interest in what is going on in Nigeria today and watch as our democracy is being violated and ambushed.
“In this country now, the opposition and anybody holding dissenting views from that of the small clique of persons hanging on to power today have been marked either to be framed up for criminal offences or for corruption.
“A sitting Governor in Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, had cried out recently that there is attempt to assassinate him but his case was treated with levity only for Nigerians to witness a high profiled failed assassination attempt in Ekiti last week.”
He said that PDP is also privy to the secret grand plan of the APC government to raise a special killer squad to kill opponents and disperse rallies especially in the area where they expect PDP rallies to intimidate their own.
According to Secondus, “The motive of all these deliberate Police states being established by the ruling party is obvious; to distract and disorganize the opponent to enable them to hold on to power.
“Never, not even in the draconian days of the military rule was number three citizen of the country and an incumbent governor framed up for armed robbery.
“This government has become a frame-up administration. Senator Rabiu Kwakwaso’s aide was locked for weeks where they were searching for things to frame him up; Senators Dino Melaye and Shehu Sani have all been framed up for being vocal against unjust system being perpetuated by this administration government. The deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu has had his guest house ransacked where they were looking for something to frame him up.
“Despite their immunities, a guest house in Akwa Ibom was once ransacked by operatives in search of frame up documents. Ditto Governor Wike has had to seek court protection to halt search in his house. Governor Fayose has just alerted the nation of plans to frame him up in the APC rally shooting. Nigerians should watch and be ready for the sacrifice to save not just our democracy but the country. What is however certain is that victory is ours in the end because Nigeria cannot afford this APC journey any longer.”

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