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Relationship expert bloggers, Blessing Okoro expose

Relationship expert bloggers, Blessing Okoro expose 


What else will people not do for publicity and fame? But before you put yourself up for show or self-hype, count the cost.  As at the time Blessing Okoro cook up the plan to set the internet on fire with her newly acquired property, she no doubt, be thinking of the massive publicity, interest, and followers she will attracts to her page, if everything work according to plan, little did she knew all her work can go down the drain with her stupid stunts.

It started about three days ago, when it was reported that Nigerian relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro completing her 7-bedroom duplex and taking to social media to flaunt it.

Well, just yesterday, the real owner of the house shows up to right the wrong, as he paraded the queen blogger in a Instagram video as a criminal claiming what does not belong to her. The shaming video reveal how the blogger was begging the real owner to tamper justice with mercy, claiming she is not the owner of the 7-bedroom apartment she claimed to be her own.

Lesson learn:

Believe in yourself, be hard working, be patient, self -hype destroys faster, if the truth is been revealed, never belittled yourself.

According to the video on the Instagram the China-based owner, yesterday, called the blogger “stupid” for using his house to deceive people on Instagram.

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