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Newly crowned Ibadan Oba’s waive-sword, set to surrenders crown

Newly crowned Ibadan Oba’s waive-sword, set to surrenders crown 


The fracas ignite by the past administration in Oyo state under the leadership of Ajimobi is beginning to fizzle out, especially now that all aggrieved party have decided to shield sword and toll the part of peace

In a recent development, the newly established Gazettes by the past administration is now to be set aside, while agreement will be reached by all parties on modality to resolve pending issues. “Whereas the new administration of Oyo State stands upon the doctrine of Rule of Law, and whereas the parties are aware that the Chiefs Law of Oyo State has not been amended by the Oyo State House of Assembly to incorporate or give legal backing to the Gazettes.

“The parties herein have met and agreed as follows:

That all Gazettes affecting the Chieftaincy Laws of Ibadanland, particularly Gazette Nos: 14 Vol 42 of 23rd August 2017; 15 Vol 42 of August 2017 and 3 Vol 43 of 29th March 2018 and the subsequent elevation of high chiefs and baales in Ibadanland as obas during the pendency of this suit be and are hereby set aside.

“That the right to wear beaded crowns and coronets granted by the government during the pendency of this suit, are hereby revoked.

“That the first defendant (Oyo State Governor) shall take steps to reconcile all parties involved in the chieftaincy matters to foster unity and harmony in the protection of the tradition of Ibadanland as relates to the chieftaincy laws of Ibadanland.”

It was signed by counsel to Ladoja, Mr. Michael Lana and the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Prof. Oyelowo Oyewo.


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