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Muslim faithful yet profiting from Isese, Orisa mock Adebayo

Muslim faithful yet profiting from Isese, Orisa mock Adebayo 


Filmmaker Oladeinde Agbon aka Orisa has berated actor Femi Adebayo for clout chasing and feeding off from Yoruba culture in his films, while being an ardent follower of Islam.

The fast-rising filmmaker shared photos of Adebayo in Mecca during Ramadan, as he called attention to what he termed his hypocrisy of using Yoruba tradition as a base for his movie, yet worshipping another god’

“Worshipping the Arab god after making mad money from telling a story from isese. Baba abeg next time na Prophet Muhammad story make you make into a movie for us, make we see how much an Arab story will fetch you,” he said.

One Wealthy Forever wrote, “Got it, so don’t tell stories because you practice a certain religion? Stop trying to force yours on others. No one is stopping you from practicing your own religion”.

One Ayeesher Buba wrote, “Dis is exactly how shallow-minded ppl are honestly. Religion and culture are two different things. You are Yoruba but you’re a Christian by religion so how is that hypocrisy Ogbeni?”

One Asking Graphics wrote, “This one is obviously dùmb, so because I’m a Muslim now I shouldn’t design a Church flyer or what?”

One Sossi Official wrote, “What has his religious beliefs got to do with his creativity? Nothing you do for this life fit satisfy human being Dem go always find comma”.



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