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Jos Resident remain indoor over extreme cold

Jos Resident remain indoor over extreme cold 


What many witness during harmattan season in Nigeria is the average weather condition in Jos during Spring and summer but weather condition during harmattan is usually unbearable in the state. As we speak, some Residents in Jos now remains indoor as a result of biting cold that has enveloped the city.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that temperature in Jos dropped to an average of 11 degrees Celsius in the evening, but rises to about 19 degrees in the afternoon.

Some of the residents complained that the cold weather had disrupted their routine activities as they had to spend longer hours indoors.

Mrs. Annette Akpan said she resorted to wearing “cold breakers” to shield herself from the adverse weather and advised fellow residents to do likewise so as not to “break down.”

A trader at Terminus market, Mrs. Ngozi Peters, said the inclement weather had compelled her to open her shop late in the morning.

“This cold is too severe and that is why I stay indoors for many hours before setting out to the market; my health first before any other thing,” Peters said.

NAN reports that the cold weather had pushed up prices of second-hand sweaters and jackets with the materials selling for between N2000 and N2500, as against the former N500 and N600, respectively.

A dealer in second-hand sweaters, Musa Adamu, blamed the price increase on the high demand for the wears because of the cold.

NAN also reports that the chilly weather had also forced many families to resort to using charcoal and firewood to warm their bodies as the weather became colder.


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