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Boss Mustapha slams defiant Christian, says the show reckless confidence

Boss Mustapha slams defiant Christian, says the show reckless confidence 


The Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha has said that it is worrisome that some Christians exhibit reckless confidence in the face of the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic.

Mustapha, however, called on the leaders of the church to always teach their congregation the truth about the virus and how they can stay safe for their families and communities.

The SGF made this known at the Interdenominational Church Prayer Service, organized by the Nigerian Interreligious Council (NIREC).

Speaking about stay at the home directive, he said “if you have no business going out, stay at home, it is scriptural and I will undertone this with a quotation for Proverbs 14:16 where the bible says the Wise are cautious and avoid danger, fools plonks ahead with reckless confidence. And I see a lot of Christians exhibiting reckless confidence and the Bible describes them as fools.

“Stay at home if you don’t have a business going out, that is the safest place you have, if you have every genuine reason to go out, as mandatory, wear a face mask.

“My admonition to the church is that we must exhibition of reckless confidence and tell our people the truth and ask them to do the proper things so that they can stay safe for their families, communities and for the body of Christ.”

Mustapha said the national response that the government has put in place was intended to protect the people of Nigeria.

“It is not designed to afflict us. Every step we have taken as a Presidential task force has been intended to provide for the good and welfare of the citizens,” he added.


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