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Tunde Bakare, Opposes Clerics Challenging FRCN Act.

Tunde Bakare, Opposes Clerics Challenging FRCN Act. 


Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Later Rain assembly,has condemned religious leaders that challenges the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria Act 2011.
In his words during the Sunday service at his Lagos church describe those opposing the act as workers of lawlessness.He further said,the real motives behind their agitation is all about preventing the public from their acts of money laundering,by the virtue of their position.
Bakare, who is also the convener of the save Nigeria Group,praised the law, saying it was good for order and accountability in the church. I am a trained lawyer, i have read the law.The law specifically mentioned chief imams and pastors,that they can have lifelong terms but it says you cannot be chief priest,chief treasurer, and chief administrators.
If you don’t want to comply with the law, then why did you register under the law?It is a spirit of lawlessness and the anti christ spirit is a lawless spirit

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