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Soyinka describe attack on Sunday Igboho’s Residence as “Bizarre”

Soyinka describe attack on Sunday Igboho’s Residence as “Bizarre” 

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Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has miss no word in condemn FG strategy to clamp down agitators in the country. According to prof, he said it is not criminal or illegal for anyone to express intention to leave any federation.

He also faulted the federal government for placing call for separation as criminal, adding; “How can you place the will for separation as a criminal act? That kind of language doesn’t exist in the constitution, it doesn’t exist in law. It does not exist in the catalogue of immoralities because it is not an immoral act or position to say that you want to stop being part of an entity or you want to join an entity”

Soyinka, made these statements in an interview with BBC News Pidgin on Monday, where he urged the government to apologise to Igboho.

Nobel Laureate subsequently gave examples of people who left a federation or a union to form or join another state including the Bakassi people of Southern Nigeria who seceded to Cameroon.

He also added his voice to others who have condemned the attack on Sunday Adeyemo also known as Sunday Igboho’s residence describing it as “bizarre”.


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