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Relieve for Atiku camp…as support groups denies joining APC

Relieve for Atiku camp…as support groups denies joining APC 


Support groups of the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, have denied reports that they joined the All-Progressives Congress.

The Atiku Support Organization, on behalf of the groups, made this known in a statement Signed by the ASO National Publicity Secretary, Victor Moses, the statement noted that such reports were false.

It read, “It has come to our attention of a fake story concocted by APC goons and making the rounds that some Atiku Support Groups have ditched the PDP for a dying APC.

“We wish to state clearly and unambiguously that the story is false and nothing but propaganda from the camp of the dementia-infested group of people of the APC and should be disregarded.

“Atiku groups are as solid as the rock and like a fine wine, we keep getting better and growing in number every day.

The APC is a dead party that will cease to exist beginning in 2023. So, what business does the living has to do with the dead?

“By every indices, the APC has plunged Nigeria into a disaster and February 25th, 2023 will be judgment day.

“The forthcoming 2023 presidential election will be a referendum on the dementia-infested and cocaine-trafficking camp of the APC.

“Nigerians will among others decide between agents of light and agents of darkness, between a bag of rice at N7000 in 2015 under PDP and N50,000 in 2022 under the APC, between PMS at N67 under PDP and N300 under the APC, between $100 minimum wage under the PDP in 2015 and $40 minimum wage under the APC in 2022.

“Nigerians now know better. Only an Atiku Abubakar presidency can and will deliver Nigeria and usher us on the path of prosperity.

“Therefore, the APC should note that no amount of propaganda can save the party from defeat in all elections and at all levels.”


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