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REACTIONS TRAILS Buhari Endorsement for 2019 Election by ‘Nigerian Traders’

REACTIONS TRAILS Buhari Endorsement for 2019 Election by ‘Nigerian Traders’ 

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The National Harmonised Traders Union of Nigeria on Thursday endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari to re-contest for the Presidency in 2019. The President of the association, Bature Abdul’aziz, made this known to newsmen in Kano, although some have suggested the endorsement to strictly sectional and mere politics. See reactions ………

Annabelle • 6 hours ago
The problem with Nigeria – profound ignorance! How does anyone endorse a president who could neither manage his first term in office nor healthy enough to figure out what he really wants?
Otile • 11 hours ago
This will not save Buhari from lame-quackery, his time is up.

Otile Powerlessconscious • 9 hours ago
Who is the illiterate, a Fulani herdsman who roams around the bush and attacks people studying or who? Did Buhari finish his secondary school? You Fulanis are the last tribesmen to blackmail people with illiteracy. It is dishonest.
omo56 • 14 hours ago
If Buhari should continue to be in power, very soon their customers will not be able to afford their goods
Ola Jon • 2 hours ago
If you believe that is his plan, then you better start mobilizing Christians to start doing crusades so we too can Chritianize Nigeria.
So our weapon will be Crusades versus their cattle colonies and because we are better educated and smarter, we should win more souls for the kingdom of Nigeria.
He said the decision of the union to declare its support for Mr. Buhari to re-contest for the presidency was borne out of its firm believe that Mr. Buhari would take the country to greater heights considering the achievements he recorded in the last two and a half years.
“Though we are a non-partisan organisation, we will support you (Buhari) to contest for the second term and this time we will put more effort than we did before.
“We advise you (Buhari) to remain resolute on your trust to Nigerians in your quest to ensure peace and unity in the country,” he said.
Mr. Abdulaziz commended the president for the successes recorded in tackling the Boko Haram insurgency and the fight against corruption in the country.
“Your efforts in infrastructural development especially road network development across the 36 states is gradually taking shape.
“We congratulate you on the effort being made to revamp our rail transport system to a 21st century standard,” he said.
He said the rail lines when fully operational would boost growth in the commerce sector in moving goods easily across the country as well as ease the sufferings of travellers.

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