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My wife is fond of sleeping with my landlord, husband explains in court

My wife is fond of sleeping with my landlord, husband explains in court 


AN Ibadan-based truck driver, Azeez Hakeem, on Tuesday, told an The Ile-Tuntun Customary Court in Ibadan is on the verge of approving the divorce of a marriage which has been marred by sex allegation and battering. The wife, Mufuli has accused the husband before the customary court of serious battering on different occasions before she packed out of his house in protection of her life.

Reacting to this allegation, the husband Azeez Hakeem a truck driver, who lives at Popo Yemoja area of Ibadan, said my wife’s allegations are baseless, she pack-out just to satisfy her promiscuous lifestyle.

He said that while his wife was pregnant with their second child, their landlord claimed the pregnancy was his.

“After the child was born, he came to my parents’ house, insisting on being the one to name the child.

“We resolved this issue, but she still didn’t desist from her promiscuous attitude.

“She’s usually not concerned about the children’s dinner, as she returns home very late, with the excuse of going to pray in the mosque.

“Even after she left the house, I still rented her another apartment and took care of the kids,” he said.

Hakeem told the court that his younger brother once told him of his wife’s newfound lover.

“I confirmed this when I went to her house, but I did nothing about it,” he said.

“However, when the beating became unbearable, I left the house in 2016. I started dating another man last year, and when he found out, he came again to beat him up,” she told the court.


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