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MTN showcase 5G network with live demo

MTN showcase 5G network with live demo 


MTN Nigeria has showcased its 5G network with a live demonstration. The new MTN 5G network is in partnership with Ericsson, a multinational networking and telecommunications company.

The exercise involved some case use scenario: the fixed wireless access, speed test, connected health care and industry 4.0. The demonstration showed that the 5G network speed is the highest achieved on any mobile network in Africa and it is at least 100 times faster than 4G with faster download and upload times.

The demonstration also showed how the Internet of Things, (IoT) through 5G, would improve the traffic system, reduce gridlock, ensure comfort of ordering of items from the home, finding and getting the best deals, improve packaging system in factories, improve specifications for design and supply chain management, among other things.

On the speed test, using the test devices, at the same bandwidth of 20Mega Hertz, the 4G and 5G network, moved at a speed of 104 Mbps and 314 Mbps, indicating that, the 5G, is faster, than the 4G.

According to the Chief Technical Officer, MTN Nigeria, Mohammed Rufai, the live demonstration was to inform Nigerians about the 5G network and to exhibit its proficiencies and potentials in driving economic growth and social inclusion.

“5G offers tremendous benefits in terms of speed, latency, fewer delays, efficiency and security.  It offers a unique opportunity for us to explore use-cases and applications in Nigeria, and we are excited about its potential for our country and our company,” he said.

Senior Manager for Planning, MTN, Nasiru Hayatu, assured that the 5G model will succeed in Nigeria.

“With 5G and the rest, we believe that the government will give us spectrum in these higher layers where there is available bandwidth.

“By this demo, we are showing that it is workable, capable and we are sending a report, back to the Nigerian Communications Commission to ratify the spectrum level,” he said.

He noted that the 5G network is not limited to Nigeria alone, saying that governments around the world, are beginning to make concerted efforts towards what spectrum would be suitable for the smooth running of the 5G network.

“The availability is there but the ecosystem of the spectrum is driven by what other people are using around the world. There are incentives, for telecom manufacturers to produce equipment in that space,” he said.


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