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Lawmakers Secret moves to impeach Buhari

Lawmakers Secret moves to impeach Buhari 


Some members of the House of Representatives have been exposed on their secret moves, close door meeting, collations of signatures , in an attempt to exit the President before 2019 genral election. Kazaure said some lawmakers have been mandated to collect signatures to impeach President Buhari. They gave the President a list of demands, included in their 12-point resolution.
Kazuare, from Katsina State like the President, said: “I do not support this move because the man Buhari is a very good man.”
According to him, the resolution to use legislative instruments should the President fail to take action on the resolutions reached by lawmakers is a veiled impeachment threat.
“I tried to raise an amendment, but they didn’t allow me to do so.
“This is because we had a resolution that all that we did…that if the Federal Government doesn’t meet our demands, that we will take any legislative action against the executive.
“I am not in support of this and many of us (lawmakers) are not in support of this.
“Many of us are not in support of threatening the President because we know he is a man of integrity.
“The issue of people collecting signatures to serve a notice of impeachment to the President…. we know this is happening in the House.
“But we know nobody can afford to show us the list of people who want to impeach the President.
“I tell you nobody can present this list because they cannot get two-thirds majority.
“Those of us who support the President in the Senate and the House have the numbers.
“We are strong enough to stop anything called impeachment.”

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