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I will also buy AK-47 for Amotekun if given the licence – Gov Seyi Makinde

I will also buy AK-47 for Amotekun if given the licence – Gov Seyi Makinde 

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Obviously Gov Seyi Makinde is bitter about the gruesome killing of the Igangan people by the Fulani herdsmen. The Governor of Oyo State has demanded the Federal Government to grant governors of the South-West the powers to equip their respective Amotekun operatives with sophisticated firearms like AK-47.

“Here in the South West, we were able to kickstart Amotekun. But even with Amotekun, people ask how the killings happened. Were they not there? But we have several limitations to what Amotekun can do and even the firearms they can carry.

“You have dane gun and you are faced with people carrying AK-47. If it is in terms of investment, if we are given the authority, I will also buy AK-47 for Amotekun if given the licence.”

Speaking further, Makinde harped on the imperativeness of restructuring, true federalism and giving more powers to federating units as the future of democracy in the country.

Noting that state governors are quick to put the blame for their failures at the doorstep of the Federal Government, Makinde said citizens can efficiently hold their governors responsible for development if they are truly independent-minded and allowed to develop and own their natural resources.

As against the proclaimed federalism, Makinde said the state was operating a unitary form of government and was in need of devolution of powers to the state from a concentrated centre.

Makinde added, “Our federalism exists only in name. Students of political history will tell you that what we have practiced is a unitary system of government where more powers are concentrated in the central government.

“For true federalism to thrive, the federating units should have more powers and autonomy.

We have to devolve powers. The government, at the centre, serves as a coordinator of assets but does not wield as much power.

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