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Hope Uzodinma in fresh impeachment battle

Hope Uzodinma in fresh impeachment battle 


Shortly after the massive protest on Sunday against the victory of the newly elected Governor of IMO State Governor Hope Uzodinma at the Supreme Court, the Governor battles seem not over as he alleged possible impeachment plan by the opposition party.

He accused sponsors of the nationwide protest against his Supreme Court victory of attempting to bring down the government.

Uzodinma said the impeachment plot was to be anchored on an alleged $12million fraud case against him.

In a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Oguike Nwachukwu, the governor accused the PDP of sponsoring the media report to incite the public and state lawmakers against him.

“We know the game plan of the PDP because we are aware that they have been secretly inciting Imo State House of Assembly members to think of how to impeach the governor.

“So, they are trying to rake up anything they can, even falsehood, to incite the public,” the statement reads.

The governor said he had briefed his lawyers on the allegation.

He said a media report tried to raise dust about him on old allegations that had long been settled and dismissed as non-issues.

On allegations of non-assets declaration, dud cheque issuance and travel ban, the governor said there was “no iota of truth in the allegations”.

“They know very well that the assets declaration allegation was fallaciously contrived and has been thrown out by the court,” the governor said.

On the protests by PDP members, the governor, while addressing All Progressives Congress (APC) members, who staged a solidarity rally for him over his victory at the Supreme Court, urged security agencies to investigate the sponsors’ intention.

He said: “Why are they organizing a nationwide protest on an event concerning Imo? If they didn’t have ulterior motive to bring down the government, they could have held the rally in Imo State.

“We are one united and indivisible country. We did not challenge the election on the grounds of violence or over-voting, but we asked the court to add our votes that were not included.”

The governor urged the people to go about their normal businesses.


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