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Funke Akindele Risk Been Label Ex-Convict, Pleaded Guilty

Funke Akindele Risk Been Label Ex-Convict, Pleaded Guilty 


Actress Funke Akindele, a lawyer by training has pleaded guilty for defying the orders of the Lagos state government which had ordered Lagosian to stay at home.

Akindele and her husband AbdulRasheed Bello popularly known as JJC skills were arraigned before a magistrate court in Lagos.

If the defendant decides to plead guilty before the trial, you won’t be required to give evidence in court. … If the defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty after the trial, they will be sentenced by the court. Once the defendant pleads guilty or has been found guilty, they are called the offender.

Actress Funke Akindele becomes a convict by virtue of her pleading guilty to the offence and the court aligning via its gavel.

Your fine is N200,000 or three months imprisonment for such violation.

It’s either you go to prison or pay the fine. No two way about it.

But whether you pay or serve your jail term you become an ex-convict

The consequence (s) of your action is grave.

An ex-convict can only vote but cannot be voted for

You cannot become President, Governor, Senator, House of Rep member, House of Assembly, Chairman and Councilor.

Though you have chosen a path for yourself as an actress but you cannot also be saddled with certain responsibilities.

This is the more reason we need to always apply caution and weigh the outcome of our actions

Funke Akindele, is so much loved but goofed.

You may think people love you and that gives you the liberty to flout the law.

However, when faced with the consequence (s) of your actions you will be a loner.

And she is, with the barrage of criticisms coming from Nigerians sequel to her gross violation of the law.

But also, in Law, she can be pardoned and that would wipe the slate clean.

Source: Younews

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