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Dos and don’ts as Churches, mosques, hotels set to open in Lagos June 19

Dos and don’ts as Churches, mosques, hotels set to open in Lagos June 19 


As WORSHIP Centre’s set to reopen in Lagos on Thursday, Lagos state has released guidelines to ensure strict adherence to safety measures.

The reopening of churches, mosques and the hospitality business will take effect from June 19.

Worship centres will, however, only be allowed to conduct services on Sundays for Christians and Fridays for Muslims.

Midweek services and vigils will remain suspended.

Churches and mosques are not expected to operate beyond 40 per cent of their membership while those with large congregation where the members exceed 500, will be permitted to hold more than one service.

  • Centres to operate at 40% capacity
    •Kids, 65 years and above disallowed
    •Mid-week service, vigils banned
    •Face masks, sanitisers to be used

Governor Sanwo-Olu also said those below 15 years of age and above 65 years old should not be allowed into places of worship “because those within that age bracket are extremely very vulnerable to the pandemic”.

He also urged all religious houses to adhere strictly to safety measures like fumigating and keeping the premises clean, and making sure that worshipers wear a face mask and use of sanitizer.

The Lagos State Safety Commission will register religious centres before opening and inspect their activities to check level of compliance. He added that the state government had the discretion to stop or restrict worship where there is no compliance.


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