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Death fails, as car owners escape container mishap

Death fails, as car owners escape container mishap 


The incessant occurrence of containers crash landing on vehicle in Lagos is fast becoming a case too many. Over the weekend some road users cheat death by escaping similar incident that has claims lives of multiple road users at various spot across Lagos. The atmosphere at the Tin Can Island port at Apapa in Lagos, became gloomy, when a container fell on two cars, leaving them badly damaged.

However, there was no report of casualties, but the material loss to owners of the damaged cars was huge. The unfortunate incident was blamed on the bad condition of the road which hindered the free movement of vehicles.

There have been incidences of containers falling on vehicles at the Apapa Tin Can Island port as a result of gridlock created by heavy-duty vehicles parked across roads, and the bad conditions of roads.

Maybe this one will be a wake-up call to the present governor of the state, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu. Recall that past Governors of the state have made series of calls and laws as regards the activity of trucks and containers drivers, but non sees the light of the day.


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