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APC Must Vacate Aso Rock In 2019, Say Secondus

APC Must Vacate Aso Rock In 2019, Say Secondus 


The newly elected PDP national chairman Prince Uche Secondus on Sunday morning in Abuja, declared that the APC must get ready to vacate Aso Rock in 2019.
He said the APC had failed Nigerians because of its faulty foundation and lack of solid ideas for development.
Speaking after he was sworn-in on Sunday morning, Secondus said, “In the words of the 34th President of the United States of America, Dwight Eisenhower, ‘If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power’.
“Judging from this, it is crystal clear to all Nigerians that the APC is not a political party, but a body hurriedly assembled to seize power without a clear-cut plan for governance.”
Secondus said the need to plan to sack the ruling party from the government at the centre must be immediate, alleging that this would save the country from disintegration.
He said, “We are all witnesses to how the unity of this country has been shaken to its very foundation under the watch of the rudderless and clueless APC.
“We therefore have a gigantic task of retrieving this country from the APC’s clear lack of direction and confusion starting with the Presidency.”
He said he was ready to lead the party to victory in 2019, adding that he was aware of the mandate handed to him by the delegates.
Secondus added, “By my understanding, the mandate you have given us today is clear and unambiguous. It is to return our party to power come 2019.
“As Herculean as this mandate seems, I know it’s achievable. My campaign pillars for this election are ‘to rebuild, reposition and regain’.
“Let me assure you great members and leaders of our party that by the grace of God and with all hands on the deck, the brief tenancy of the APC in Aso Rock Villa expires on May 28, 2019. By this, we serve them a notice to quit.”
Secondus polled 2,000 votes to defeat Prof. Tunde Adeniran, who polled 230 votes.
Meanwhile the APC as counter attack the election process that brought in the Secondus as the national party chairman of the PDP, claiming it was a deliberate attempt to punish south-west for their involvement in PDP exit in 2015. It said the failure of the South-West to get the PDP chairmanship was a punishment meted out to the zone by the former ruling party.
The ruling party further said the national convention of the PDP had once again showed Nigerians that corruption was deeply rooted in the PDP’s genes.
The APC explained that the outcome of the PDP national convention did not only reduce the opposition party to a regional party, it also exposed it as a party unwilling to change for the better.
He said, “With revelations of how money-for-votes and systematic rigging were brazenly perpetuated during the National Convention of the Peoples Democratic Party, the All Progressives Congress is mindful of the popular axiom: ‘a leopard cannot change its spots’.
“The abnormalities that trailed the PDP National Convention have further exposed the PDP as a party not ready and willing to change.
“Indeed, the PDP has once again displayed itself to the generality of Nigerians that it is a party with corruption deeply rooted in its DNA.


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